Privacy Statement

Personal information is related to a living person who can be identified by this information. Identification can occur by this information alone or when combined with other information in possession or probable possession of anyone responsible. Processing personal information is controlled by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


Racesquare Holding BV
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Trading by the name The Official F1 Racing Centre.

This and other website(s) of Racesquare Holding BV are part of our digital products, alongside other merchandise shop(s), ticket booking site(s), app(s) and social channels.

Racesquare Holding BV is the data controller. This means Racesquare Holding BV determines how to process personal information and to which purposes. By using our digital products you agree to the terms in this Privacy Statement. You are offered choices regarding our data collection. You will always be asked for permission and can choose to refuse. When certain information is required for any service or product, this service or product may be restricted without permission. 


Racesquare Holding BV fulfils its obligations as mentioned by “GDPR” by updating personal data; by storing and deleting it in a safe way; by not collecting or keeping unnecessary data; by protecting personal data to loss, misuse, unauthorised access and disclosure and by ensuring necessary technical measures to protect personal data. Regarding all of above Racesquare Holding BV is working with (technical) partners who have made a processor agreement with Racesquare Holding BV. These parties are mentioned below.


To collect, process and store your personal data, we use the following partners and systems:

  • Google Analytics 
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Facebook connect & Instagram
  • Google Adsense
  • CMS for managing our website(s)
  • Lightspeed (for online merchandise)
  • Mailchimp (for our newsletter)
  • AWS
  • Adyen (payment for tickets)


We process personal data for the following applications or goals:

  • to hand you a ticket to participation for our venue(s)
  • to contact you about special offers, events or to keep you updated on news or shipping of prizes or merchandise
  • to offer suggestions matching your interests
  • to inform you by phone about any last-minute changes to a booking

We follow the GDPR regulations while expedience of personal data is at the central. Racesquare Holding BV will only ask for information when these are required for a specific target. By agreeing to this opt-in we will ask you to provide at least the following:

First name
Last name
Date of birth
Email address
Phone number

By means of e.g. promotions Racesquare Holding BV may add segments to your profile. When purchasing a ticket this may concern your payment details, with regards to merchandise it may be your shirt size.


Racesquare Holding BV will not save your personal information for longer than necessary. We always look at the purpose for gathering your details. Details are stored for a period of 24 months after your last interaction or moment of contact with Racesquare Holding BV, or for as long as legal regulations justify the storing of your details. 


Through ‘My privacy’ at the bottom of the page you may appeal for your rights under GDPR, including inspection, correction or removal of your details. For a newsletter it is possible to unsubscribe through the last received newsletter. The house rules for our venues can be found in our footer. Personal details when applying for a job will be saved by Racesquare Holding BV for up to 24 months after application. This may be to inform you about new job offers. 


Racesquare Holding BV will exclusively share your information with third parties and only when necessary to execute our agreement with you or to meet a legal obligation. Through separate opt-ins you can allow third parties to store your details. You can find this when booking a ticket, which also allows for knowingly subscribing to the newsletter and offers from Formule 1 (official name: Formula One World Championship Limited, FOWC in short). This party can be approached directly through:

Racesquare Holding BV uses various methods for targeting so Racesquare Holding BV can make you offers or inform you, possibly with a partner but always by the name of Racesquare Holding BV.


Racesquare Holding BV uses various tools. For instance, cookies may be placed with the purpose of collecting data for an optimal user experience. Through this data Racesquare Holding BV gets insight in the usage of website(s) and these statistics may be applied on our website(s). The information is stored on servers in Frankfurt. Google may offer this information to third parties when Google is legally obliged to do this. Racesquare Holding BV cannot control this.

Tracking tools used by Racesquare Holding BV:

Facebook business manager

Google analytics
Google search console
Marketing tools; 

Google search
Google display
Facebook network (FB, IG)
(E)mail marketing 

Within the rules provided by GDPR Racesquare has Processor agreements in place with processors to fully guarantee security and handling with care.

By sharing to Social Media the visitor in most cases elects to carry over data to a platform of choice, such as Facebook or Instagram. Racesquare Holding BV cannot control this.


For any questions regarding privacy, inspection and changes to or deletion of personal information, you can send an email to You can find more information on your right and our obligations under My privacy.


The rules regarding the protection of personal information are subject to changes. There are guidelines on a European level to which Racesquare Holding BV abides to its best conscience. Racesquare Holding BV reserves the right to implement changes. Check this statement on a regular basis. Racesquare Holding BV kindly informs you every Dutch person is facilitated to file a complaint at the Personal Data Authority, through this link: