What are your corona measures?

We follow the Corona measures of the Dutch government at any time. Click here for the current corona measures.

What are your opening times?

Please check our current opening times here

What about parking availability?

The Wall contains a large parking deck. You are best off parking in P3. The first 2 hours are free of charge, after that the charge is €1 per hour. Paying can be done at the gate upon exiting the parking site.

Can I pay by cash?

 Paying by cash at our venue is not possible, unfortunately. We only offer debit or credit card payments.

Is Wi-Fi available?

We offer free Wi-Fi to all visitors.

When should I arrive for a booking?

Due to the current corona measures, we recommend arriving at most 10 minutes ahead of your scheduled race. 

Can I only make a reservation online?

Due to the corona measures, you must make a reservation before entering. Normally you can also make a reservation at our location.

Can I visit when I don’t intend to race?

You can come along and watch the virtual race as long as the capacity allows this with respect to the maximum amount of visitors and all the corona measures.


Do age restrictions apply?

We recommend a minimum age of 8 years and a minimum height of 140cm.

Do height restrictions apply?

The minimum height is 140 cm, the maximum height is 210cm.

Can I pick my own seat?

You will be assigned a setup automatically. When you create a reservation for multiple people, we try to seat your party together as much as possible.

Is your venue accessible to disabled people?

Yes! Our entrance is suited to wheelchairs and our venue is equipped with a special toilet for disabled people. The entire catering square and meeting room are also accessible. It is not possible to take a seat in one of the simulators, we do have the options to race with a controller. Please send us an email if you are in a wheelchair and would like to attend a race.

Can I pick a track myself?

Using the online booking module, you can choose from several circuits, depending on the date and time. If you book your own grid, for instance by selecting a Private Race or Business Incentive, you can determine the track as well as several other settings.

Can I pick a team and driver myself?

By default, you will be appointed a driver and race car. This will ensure all actual teams and drivers are reflected during the race, which adds to the realism. Do not worry about any performance differences: the game is programmed to have an equal car and driver performance. If you book your own grid, for instance by selecting a Private Race or Business Incentive, we can alter some of these settings. Get in touch for more information.

What assists are used in the game?

We use a custom set of assists by default to make the game accessible for everyone. You can adjust your own assists if you like. 

Below you can find the custom assists that are set.

  • Braking assist: Medium
  • Anti-Lock Brakes: On
  • Traction Control: Full
  • Dynamic Racing Line: Full
  • Dynamic Racin Line Type: 3D
  • Gearbox: Automatic
  • Pit Assist: On
  • DRS Assist: Off
  • ERS Assists: Off
  • Fuel Assist: On


I’m a content creator on YouTube and would like to seek collaboration.

Please contact us via email

Can I take my shoes off to race?

You can, but we may ask you to put them on at any given moment.

Do you offer internships or job opportunities?

Feel free to contact us via email.

I would like to file a complaint, question, or remark.

Please contact us via email.

What hardware equipment do you use for the simulators?

Our venue is equipped with several super-fast HP Open gaming computers, each hooked up to an amazing 4K screen with high refresh rates. You will be using a Fanatec steering wheel and pedals, as well as an HP headset to enjoy both banter with the opponent and the engine sounds. And there is more ‘under the bonnet’, including wind simulation, to deliver you the ultimate racing experience!

What’s the length of a race?

When booking a standard race, you get a slot taking up to about one hour. This will consist of the driver’s briefing on the simulators and the race, free practice and qualifying time, the racing itself and, a small podium ceremony. Depending on the track and driver speed, this may take more or less time in practice.

What happens when a grid is not fully booked?

We have 20 spots available on each grid and a total of 3 grids. When it’s not completely booked, we can choose to fill the rest of the in-game grid with computer-controlled opponents. This way, there will always be a full grid to race against.


Do you serve vegetarian meals?

Yes we do, please check out our menu card here

Can special catering be arranged for my business incentive?

Our food court is closed due to the corona measures.

Do you serve kids meals as well?

Yes we do, please check out our menu here

Am I allowed to bring my own food and drinks?

It is prohibited to consume self-brought food and drinks.


Can I organize a meeting at your venue?

Our boardroom seats over 25 people when set up for conferences and is equipped with contemporary equipment, including an 85” screen and a conference phone. Food and drinks can be served during any meeting.

Would you like to visit outside opening hours or do you have any special requests?

Get in touch with us for more information.

I would like to organise a major business incentive, is that possible?

We offer a variety of special possibilities, including group events from 8 up to 250 people, both during and outside regular opening hours. Get in touch with us for more information!