Corona Measures

Due to the current COVID measures, we are closed until 2 March



These measures are set up to allow you to experience the ultimate Official F1® virtual race while maintaining strict and responsible terms and rules.

Because we work using limited availability and bookings made in advance, we can guarantee your safety and that of our employees, as well as regulating the flow of visitors. We will communicate clearly to ensure everyone is aware of what’s allowed and what isn’t. On-site we are also clear about the measures using (ground) markings and we ensure there is supervision. We are convinced the measures listed below meet the criteria to offer a safe environment.

This document will elaborate on:

1. Personal safety and hygiene
2. Our employee safety and hygiene
3. Safety and hygiene in the building
4. Controlling the flow of visitors
5. Social distancing in the building

The current guidelines 

The current guidelines as expressed by the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment are leading at all times with regards to our business operations, so these may and will be adjusted when the situation requires it.

We kindly request both you and our staff to use common sense at all times.


Access to The Official F1® Racing Centre is only possible after placing an online booking through our website, or by phone when visiting as a group. During the booking process you will be asked a number of questions regarding the party:

1. Whether you experience symptoms of the coronavirus.
2. Whether you have experiences symptoms of the coronavirus.
3. Whether you have been in contact with anyone showing coronavirus symptoms.

Anyone who is experiencing coronavirus symptoms or who has been in contact with anyone showing coronavirus symptoms will be denied entrance. We will offer a free rescheduling of the planned race activity, so there is no reason to be dishonest.

Anywhere in our venue the 1.5 meter rule will be adhered to. Special zones indicate where people can wait before being guided by an instructor. This will allow us to regulate the flow of guests and ensure we can prevent congestion of people.

Any used materials will be cleaned extra thoroughly, race simulator setups are cleaned with alcohol and racers will be handed gloves and a hairnet on arrival.
These additional coronavirus house rules can be found in our venue as well:

  • Admittance is limited after booking on our website. 
  • No entrance until 15 minutes before your race session commences.
  • Staying at the venue after racing is allowed as long as the maximum number of visitors isn't reached.
  • At all times maintain 1.5 meters of distance to other people.
  • Stay at home when you have been ill over the past 72 hours.
  • Stay at home when experiencing: nose cold, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, minor cough, temperature elevation (38 degrees celcius and up)
  • Stay at home when anyone in your household is suffering from a fever (38 degrees celcius and up) and/or shortness of breath.
  • Cough and/or sneeze in your elbow.
  • Wearing a hair net and gloves is mandatory when on the grid - you will receive these at the entrance.
  • Throw away the gloves and hair net after racing in the appointed garbage bin.
  • Wait outside the toilet when it is occupied.
  • Disinfect your hands and gloves at appointed hygiene points.
  • Follow the walking route.
  • Follow staff instructions at all times.



Our staff is trained well in interacting with our guests. Material check-ups are performed in a way that ensures no unnecessary contact between members of staff and any guest(s), so the 1.5 meter distance can be respected at any time.

Payment is to be done in advance using iDEAL. Debit- and credit card payment is permitted, payment devices are cleaned after every operation. Food and drinks can be ordered and paid for using a QR code.

Staff enforcement
Posters and/or signs in the venue and markings on the floors and walls will point out the rules and guidelines to visitors, so staff members can refer to these as well.

Members of staff and management will be always present to address both visitors and personnel to follow the rules. Guests may be prohibited from visiting when they do not oblige to the rules.



The Official F1 Racing Centre always prioritises hygiene. During current coronavirus times, the frequency of periodic cleaning has been altered and additional cleaning rounds are made in the racing area’s, as well as on doorknobs, tables, chairs, and all guardrails. The entrance, exit, racing area’s and toilets are equipped with desinfection points (which include dispenser poles, gloves, hairnets and an explanatory poster.)

Through websites and social media visitors are informed of the measures and guidelines. In the building, visitors are made aware through posters and stickers.

Behind the scenes
Frequently touched surfaces are regularly cleaned, these include:

- Racing simulators

- Touch screen of audiovisual tablet

- Headsets

- Doorknobs to the crew room, storage space, etc.


STEP 1: Entrance
The guest is guided toward the reception desk, after receiving gloves and a hair net. The routing is indicated here, disinfectant and coronavirus situation rules are provided.

STEP 2: The guest reports at the reception desk.
They are provided with instructions regarding our Corona measures send to the area for the race instructions.

STEP 3: The race marshal welcomes the guests at the instruction area.
Guests can take their seats and are able to read the coronavirus situation rules that apply when racing.

STEP 4: Instruction to the racing area
The guest is shown the racing instruction and then guided to their racing area.

STEP 5: Racing area
The race marshal indicates which seat can be used by the guest in the racing area. The guest can take their place, adjust the seat and await further instructions. 1.5 meter of distance is maintained at all times.

STEP 6: The race
Guests are treated to an hour of digital F1 racing in fixed chairs on fixed positions.

STEP 7: After the race
The race marshal will indicate how and when everyone can leave their seats and where they can find the exit. The F&B area is currently closed. 

STEP 8: Leaving the venue
Guests can follow the route (indicated by arrows on the ground) through the venue and leave The Official F1 Racing Centre.

Families can stay in designated places in the catering area. This will not require the 1.5 meters of social distancing.


Walking routes specific to the coronavirus situation have been set out through the venue:

  • In front of the venue
  • Reception desk
  • Instruction area
  • Catering area
  • Toilets
  • Exit lane

Using this protocol will allow us to welcome you without an increased risk of transmitting the virus. We will continuously adhere to the right amount of distancing between people, everyone follows the arrows so there is no cross-walking. 

Items and the venue are cleaned more thoroughly and hygiene points are positioned in several places. Staff members are instructed on the coronavirus situation proceedings.