Group deal

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  • Welcome with a drink.
  • Prepare for the race (gloves).
  • Driver's briefing with the best tips & tricks and the most important rules.
  • One hour of F1 Racing on a pre-selected circuit.
  • Possible award ceremony and photo opportunity on our F1 podium after the race
  • Lunch, before or after, at a private table, the perfect setting to discuss the F1 racing experience. We will provide lunch with freshly made sandwiches, a hot snack (vegetarian optional), and two drinks of choice.
  • End of the package or you can purchase a revenge race up front (at € 15,- extra), correct your mistakes, and finally beat those friends or colleagues!
RATE: € 40 P.P.


Drinks package

  • Basic (beer, soft drinks, and wine) €17,50 per hour
  • €7,50 per additional hour (starts after the race)


  • Strong  €22,50 per hour
  • €9,95 per additional hour (starts after the race)

*Prices are P.P.


  • Mix of warm snacks 6 pieces P.P. (€ 6), 10 pieces P.P. (€ 8) or 16 pieces P.P. (€ 9,90)
  • Mix of cold snacks starting at € 3,00 P.P.

*Prices are P.P.