About us


You don’t have to be a hardcore F1® fan or experienced sim racer tot visit The Official F1 Racing Centre. Anyone is welcome to experience what it’s like to race an F1 car here. Our employees will help you to get set up nicely, so you can focus on the best driving experience and battle for a podium finish.

The Official F1 Racing Centre will treat you a great experience in an hour, as you’ll get:

  • A driver’s briefing to go over the most important rules.
  • Free practice, to learn the car and the track.
  • Qualifying, to fight for the best position on the starting grid.
  • Race, to have amazing battles on your way to victory
  • A podium ceremony!

During your session, an Official F1 Racing Centre-appointed Race Marshal will guide you via the headset. You can also chat with your friends or colleagues while racing them!

(* = Please note 145cm is the minimal height required to operate the setup.)




Are you ready for the real deal? Can you control your nerves and perform on the highest level when the red lights go out? And can you maintain this for the duration of a race to the finish? Visit The Official F1 Racing Centre to find out. Click here to see our opening hours and select your own slot and track, or visit during an actual F1 Grand Prix™ event to get behind the wheel while the real drivers do too!

Fancy racing as a group? Our three virtual grids each hold twenty simulator setups which can be used to race on any track of choice. We also offer special incentives, as well as a special boardroom for meetings and presentations. You can also enjoy bites and beverages on our food court, while watching amazing F1 racing action - both virtual and real-life - on the big screens.